Monday, December 3, 2012

Woohoo, post two!

I know, so soon?  It's like I'm already a blog-aholic.  Har har.

I guess this is my first real post, since the other one was short, stupid, and had nothing to do with me making anything or any stuff.  So what do I have for you guys?  Well, it's the holidays, so I've been making a whole lot of holiday decorations.  We normally keep a vase on our entertainment center next to our TV, and I thought it would be fun to make something Christmas-y to replace it for the month.  I happened to see a post on Pintrest of four boxes stacked together, spelling out "Noel".  I thought that would be pretty awesome, since it was the same size and would fit perfectly next to the TV.  The link from Pintrest was selling them for an ungodly amount of money, and since I was already planning on making something with Noel on it, I went and got some boxes, wrapping paper, music note scrapbook paper, ribbon, and Mod Podge and went to work.  The result?

Snow decoration box

I'm more than happy with it, I'm freakin' in love with it!  Pretty easy to make too, which is great.  Just print out the letters on some music note scrapbook paper, wrap the boxes using a bit of Mod Podge, glue the letters to the boxes, add a bit of ribbon, and tada!  I ended up gluing the boxes together so they wouldn't fall, and I weighed the bottom one down with part of an old shirt (wish I would have used something a little heavier, but it's still pretty stable).  This would be a great way to use old Kleenex boxes, which was my original intention, but I was one short.

Snow decoration box
Well, there it is.  My first posted project.  Yay me!

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